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Offering an exemplary lifestyle in the idyllic countryside of Lancaster County. 

Five homesites are available.


The saying that "whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well" rings truer than ever in the world today.


At Jamesfield Place, we are creating an exclusive residential enclave that fosters sustainability and forms lasting connections of people to place and to each other. Here, we offer the opportunity to live an exemplary lifestyle in the idyllic countryside of Lancaster County.


Featuring seven gracious properties on rolling terrain, each residence at Jamesfield Place will be uniquely designed for you by our team of architects and interior designers. By drawing from the richness of Central Pennsylvania’s maker heritage and inspired by the surrounding farmlands, your home will be curated to your lifestyle and preferences within the framework of a contemporary neighborhood.


The significance of your expectations for your home are not lost on us and we meet these aspirations with discipline and relentless enthusiasm. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and welcome you to Jamesfield Place.

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